This Month at Splitgate - Jan 2023


Happy 2023, Splitgang!

We hope the holiday season brought you much needed rest, quality time, and joy. The break helped us recharge and now we’re ready to bring on the new year! Even though the next Splitgate game is still far off, we plan to make 2023 a great year for both 1047 Games and community. Expect us to continue supporting you in as many ways as we can.

Every month, we’ll look ahead to what’s coming to the Item Shop and Featured Playlists. If you’re familiar #MapMonday, you’ll know that we highlight one community-made map every week on social media. This will be replaced by the monthly blog where our favorite maps will be highlighted. Twitch Drops, community events, and anything important to do with Splitgate will also be mentioned. Consider this your one-stop-shop for everything going on in Splitgate!

Now let’s look ahead to January–

Twitch Drops

This month you can look forward to earning Virtue weapons! We’re still finalizing the dates for the drop, but once they’re live you’ll earn them by watching any of our Splitgate MVPs on Twitch. Read how to Earn Twitch Drops for Splitgate here.

Virtue Plasma Rifle

Virtue Assault Rifle

Featured Playlists

Jan 6 - 13

Team Grab Bag

  • 15 Game Modes (too many to list! 😱)
  • ALL Official Maps

Jan 13 - 20

4v4 Competitive

  • Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Domination
  • 3 Official Maps + 1-2 Custom Maps

Jan 20 - 27

Paintball NCTF

  • Paintball NCTF
  • 4-5 Custom Maps

Jan 27 - Feb 3

FFA Sniper Frenzy

  • FFA Snipers & FFA Shotty Snipers
  • 3 Official Maps + 2-3 custom maps

Maps of the Month

Starting with our favorite maps for January, we have Master Cube from CodePhoenix and KingOfJuice.

“Original map built around a giant portal cube centerpiece, works for all game modes!”
Map Code: 562-EDA-KYL

For our second map, check out Unrailed from Koma.

“You and a few survivors have entered an abandoned trainyard for resources. Weave through scavenged train cars, slip through windows and forgotten buildings to escape the plague that lurks.”
Map code: 2MY-DZ5-5SZ

Item Shop

Jan 5 - 12 

Psyonic Holo 1 Bundle

  • Psyonic BR
  • Psyonic SMG

Featured Items

  • Hero Pose Emote
  • Gametime Emote
  • Slurry AR
  • Spanner Gigabot
  • Splitgate Shuffle Emote (make up for not being purchasable earlier)

Jan 12 - 19

Psyonic Holo 2 Bundle

  • Psyonic Plasma
  • Psyonic Rockets

Featured Items

  • Psyonic BR
  • Psyonic SMG
  • T-200 Atlantis
  • Souless Atlantis

Jan 19 - 26

Ironside Bundle

  • Ironside Ragna Character 
  • Ironside Ragna Jetpack
  • Ironside Gorm Character
  • Ironside Gorm Jetpack

Featured Items

  • Psyonic Plasma
  • Psyonic Rockets
  • Rhino Atlantis
  • Rhino Jetpack Atlantis

Jan 26 - Feb 2

Medieval Bundle

  • Henrick Duke
  • Henrick King
  • Henrick Lancer

Featured Items

  • Ironside Ragna Character 
  • Ironside Ragna Jetpack
  • Ironside Gorm Character
  • Ironside Gorm Jetpack

Community Events

Unofficial Splitgate Community League

Jan 28: Division 1 Matches

Jan 29: Division 2 Matches

Feb 4: Round Robin Event

Watch on MVP Barbecue Samurai’s Twitch Channel!

And that’s all for This Month at Splitgate. Until next month!