1047 Games FAQs

What is happening with the current game, Splitgate?

Splitgate is still available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can download it, play it online, invite friends, and, we hope, have a great time. We will continue to support Splitgate with bug fixes and small updates for the foreseeable future. The servers will remain on and anyone can play, earn from the Beta Season 2 Battle Pass or take on our Infinite Battle Pass on September 15.

Is Splitgate ever coming out of beta?

Technically, yes. We will be removing the “beta” tag when our final season releases on September 15, but internally we are not considering this the big “World Wide Launch” we planned to celebrate.

Why stop feature development on a game with an active community?

It’s for the community that we’ve made the difficult decision to end feature development for Splitgate. We think we have something special. We know from our community that they believe in Splitgate. But we face a reality that we are trying to update, upgrade, and build for the future all at the same time. The best thing for the active community is to give them more people to play with and a game we feel is fully worthy of their fandom - every map, every skin, every moment of gameplay. To do that, we need to focus on the future of the Splitgate universe and deliver a game and a moment in time that no shooter fan will be able to ignore.

What happens to my items and progression?

We can’t reveal much about our next game, but we are taking this opportunity to build something better than the original Splitgate. And that means characters, weapons, and the progression system are all going to evolve. Skins won’t be able to transfer in the same way that you can’t peel the paint off your old house and apply it to the mansion you moved into. We understand the time spent in acquiring these items. We want to reward your efforts and time in Splitgate and we take that seriously. How we will do that is not decided at this time, but know that it is something we are focused on as we discuss the next game.

What happens to my Splitcoin?

Splitcoin can still be used in Splitgate and, in fact, the store will continue to update so you can attain cool items to enjoy. We have nothing we can say regarding Splitcoin carrying over or having value in our next game.

Will there still be new content for Splitgate?

Yes! We have a new Battle Pass coming September 15. It will be high-quality and feature multiple new characters… including our best female character to date. We will also continue to supply items for drops and maintain the Splitgate in-game store for the foreseeable future.

Are there any new features planned for Splitgate?

We will not be adding any new features to the current game so we can focus our efforts on a new title that we can’t wait to tell you about. (But we are going to wait a while to tell you about it, sorry!)

Will you continue to fix bugs?

Yes. We have a number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements planned for our September 15 release. And we will continue to monitor and address game-breaking bugs going forward.

Are you shutting down Splitgate servers?

Nope. Splitgate servers will remain open and supported. We have no plans at this time to shut them down. As we have always tried to be as transparent with our community as possible, our real answer is that we just will see where things go following this announcement. We want people to play and enjoy Splitgate until we are ready to launch our next game. It’s hard to say what the future holds and so there could come a time when our stance needs to change.

Will there continue to be weekly featured playlists?

Our plan is to continue to support featured playlists. In fact, we added the ability to feature custom maps (created by players) in these playlists. We know it may be disappointing that we won’t have any new 1047-created maps for Splitgate, but the community will be able to supply new experiences that we can support through the weekly playlist.

When does the next Battle Pass come out?

The Infinite Battle Pass comes out September 15 with our final season update. We call it the Infinite Battle Pass because after you complete the initial 100 levels, you can continue to unlock levels and earn drops.

Can I get a refund on my items I purchase in-game?

There are no refunds available for purchases based on 1047 working on a new game.

Will Splitgate still come to the Epic Games Store?

We were looking forward to expanding our audience and giving PC players an opportunity to play through the Epic Games Store. However, with our decision to shift focus, we will not be releasing Splitgate on the Epic Games Store.

When will your next game launch?

We have nothing to announce at this time. But… when it’s ready is a pretty apt answer.

When will you share details about the next game?

We have nothing to announce at this time. But… not for a while.

Will the next game be related to Splitgate?

Yes, our next game will remain in the Splitgate universe. It is a multiplayer shooter. And it will have portals at the core of its gameplay.

Will I get anything in the next game for supporting Splitgate?

We have nothing to announce at this time. We appreciate everyone who has tried Splitgate and those who continue and will continue to play and support Splitgate. We don’t intend to take that support for granted.

We expected a big launch, what happened?

We expected a big launch as well. Our intention has always been and remains delivering a AAA-quality game from top to bottom. In all honesty, our game is not AAA from top to bottom. We started with a small team and grew and we have maps that need visual and design reworks, a number of skins that are not to our new quality bar, and many other aspects we intended to upgrade, rework, or replace over time. But we needed to do that work while creating lots of new content, game modes, maps, and more and future-proofing our game to be able to last a decade. We realized it was just not realistic or reasonable and we would not be able to deliver on our goal continuing down this path. Our new plan will allow us to create a AAA experience with the big launch we had hoped for.

What is happening to Splitgate’s competitive events and teams?

First, we want to acknowledge the incredible skill of our Pro players and for the amazing partnership with Logitech and Prime Gaming. We are currently in the midst of the fall season of the Spligate Pro Series which concludes October 2, 2022. We continue to support Splitgate Esports through 2022 and are working on ways to offer competitive play in 2023.

Will Splitgate come to any additional consoles?

There are no plans to release the current version of Splitgate on any other platforms.

What does this mean for 1047 Games?

We are in the fortunate position of having plenty of funding and the support of some of the best investors in the world to allow us to take our time and build the best first-person shooter around. We continue to hire and grow our team for our next game. We’re looking for AAA talent in a number of critical roles to help build the future of Splitgate. Sound like you or someone you know? Check the 1047 Games jobs board at https://boards.greenhouse.io/1047games