Earn Twitch Drops for Splitgate


How to collect some sweet skins by watching select streams.

Do you enjoy exclusive skins? Do you pass your free time watching Twitch streams of Splitgate? Well, friend, I've got some good news. Splitgate now supports Twitch Drops. By linking your Twitch account to a 1047 Games account, you can earn some unique gear.

How to Link Your Twitch Account

1. Visit https://accountlinking.splitgate.com/twitch/link
2. If you have not created a 1047 Games account, choose your main platform for Splitgate. Note that at this time you can only connect one gaming platform to a 1047 Games account. If you already have a 1047 Games account, log in and skip to step #6
3. Sign into that platform via the prompt (if necessary)
4. Enter an email to associate with your 1047 Games account
5. Finish your 1047 Games account set-up by following the prompts on screen
6. Choose to connect your Twitch account
7. Return to Twitch and go to the Drops Campaign menu
8. Scroll down to find the latest Splitgate campaign
9. If you see the green "connected" icon, you're good to go

10. If you see a "connect" button, click it to complete the process

How to Earn Twitch Drops

Once you're account is connected, keep an eye out for Splitgate Twitch Drops campaigns. Watch select streamers to unlock rewards. Claim the rewards once earned and they'll appear in your locker in game.

Pretty easy, right?

Current Drops Campaigns

Bounce Back Drops: June 9 - July 5

Where to watch: Any Splitgate MVP streaming the game - https://www.twitch.tv/team/splitgatemvp/
Requirements: Watch 1 hour per drop on the days listed below

Bounce Carbine: June 9 - 14
Bounce BFB: June 16 - 21
Bounce Railgun: June 23 - 28
Bounce Alabastra: June 30 - July 5

Hope you enjoy watching Splitgate streams on Twitch and that you dig these rewards. More to come!