This Month at Splitgate - May 2023


This Month in Splitgate:

  • Check out the new character skin giveaway
  • The community has spoken: Contamination gets featured!
  • See the Cyber store bundles
  • Answer a brain-breaking question about portals

Guardian Invictus Giveaway

You’re in for a treat! The Guardian Invictus character, jetpack and portal gun skins are available now for the first time. Claim a key through this link to Alienware Arena until the end of the month or before they run out!

Community Events

Official Supercustoms - Saturday, May 6

Whether you’re a community regular or just dabble with portals, you’re going to love Supercustoms. What game modes and maps will be played? Show up to find out and earn a free item while you’re at it. Special shoutouts to Niko who normally runs Splitgate Supercustoms on a weekly basis! - Join the Official Splitgate Discord

Hunt the Mods - Friday, May 19

It’s time to hunt the Splitgate Mods once again! If you played in February’s Hunt the Mods event, you should know exactly how this works. Our very own Discord moderators will be queuing a specific playlist at a particular time. Beat them in a game and the item is yours! - Join the Official Splitgate Discord

Splitgate Community League

The SCL isn’t run by 1047 Games, but we want to give a special shout out to the admins over there who keep the league going, especially BarbequeSamurai, BoredApe, FinestZulu, Th3Gamingguitarist, and every other mod and admin. If you haven’t heard of the SCL before, make sure to join the SCL Discord server and check out their events this month!

Special SCL Event - May 6 

Division Matches - [TBD, will update the blog when it’s decided]

Featured Playlists 

  1. Contamination May 5 - 12:

    Wetworks by
    Vino by
    Graveyard by
    Sewers by
    Unrailed by

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll!

  1. Objective Laser Tag (Laser Flag, Laser Ball) May 12 -  19:

    All Official Maps

  2. Paintball May 19 - 26:

    PB_Arena01, PB_Arena02, PB_Castle, PB_Mansion, PB_Tower, PB_Passage, PB_Temple by

  3. Summer Fiesta (Fiesta Splitball, Fiesta Hotzone, Fiesta VIP) May 26 - June 2:

    Tortuga by
    Standoff by
    Array by
    Master Cube by
    Bridge by

1047’s Maps of the Month

Neon Sector by

Download code: ISA-8X3-J61

Recreation of the November 2021 Blocktober map that was only in the game temporarily.

PB_Passage by

Download code: THQ-GJ8-WT6

Battle it out under, over, and around the bridge on Swiiitan's map, Passage.

Item Shop Preview

May 4-11

Cyber Bundle

  • Cyber Carbine
  • Cyber Assault Rifle
  • Cyber SMG
  • Cyber Sniper

Featured Items

  • Gel 2.0 Carbine
  • Gel 2.0 Railgun
  • Gel 2.0 Pistol
  • Gel 2.0 Shotgun

May 11-18

T-200 Lightning Bundle

  • T-200 Lightning 2.0 
  • Souless Lightning 2.0
  • Lightsout Lightning 2.0

Featured Items

  • Cyber Carbine
  • Cyber Assault Rifle
  • Cyber SMG
  • Cyber Sniper

May 18-25

Cyber 2 Bundle

  • Cyber Plasma
  • Cyber Rockets
  • Cyber Sniper (say that 10 times really fast)
  • Cyber Shotgun

Featured Items

  • T-200 Lightning 2.0 
  • Souless Lightning 2.0
  • Lightsout Lightning 2.0
  • Dust Off Emote

May 25 - June 1

Aviator Bundle

  • Aviator Rockets
  • Aviator SMG

Sable Bundle

  • Sable Howler
  • Sable Rumi

Featured Items

  • Cyber Plasma
  • Cyber Rockets
  • Cyber Sniper (nope, I still can’t say it right)
  • Cyber Shotgun

That’s a lot of Cyber weapons. Cyber would be proud! Anyways, that’s the Month of May, time for #TMASQuestions!

Last month we asked if an open portal was one or two portals. Most of you seem to agree that it’s one portal, like how a straw is only… one straw. But what if only your purple portal is placed and not the yellow portal? If you cut a straw in half, is it still one straw, or half a straw? That’s this month’s question, let us know what you think on Twitter using #TMASQuestions! 

Is this one portal or half a portal? Or is it a portal at all?

- Endo