This Month at Splitgate - July 2023


This Month in Splitgate:

  • Hunt the Splitgate Devs event
  • Splitgate content creator contest
  • Double XP challenge
  • Molten weapon skins melt the Item Shop

It’s unbelievable that 2023 is already halfway over! Time has gone by almost as fast as a Headjakk World Record. Starting off the second half of the year, we have community events, contests with prizes, and opportunities for free stuff to look forward to. Those of you who have a competitive itch are going to love what's in July, so let’s jump in!

Community Events 

July 14 @ 4-6PM PT: Hunt the Devs

Official Splitgate Discord Community Event

The 1047 Games devs are playing Splitgate with the community once again! Get a game with a dev during the event and receive an unreleased character skin.

July 28 @ 4-6PM PT: Content Creator Racing

Official Splitgate Discord Community Event

All players with the @Community Creator role in the Splitgate Discord are invited to participate in the Racing contest! Don’t have the role but want to play? We’re accepting any creator who’s made a Splitgate video or streamed it recently on their channel. Info on rules and prizing to come.

July 29 & 30 - Splitgate Community League Matches

SCL Discord - Community-ran event

Head over to the SCL Discord with the link above for more information.

Featured Playlists

1. Double XP challenge (Team Deathmatch, Domination, King Of The Hill) 7 July - 14 July

Play matches in the Double XP featured playlist and screenshot your total earned XP at the end of your game. The top 3 players with the most earned XP from a single match win!

1st Place - Three Months Discord Nitro + 50 Drops

2nd Place- Two Months Discord Nitro + 50 Drops

3rd Place - One Month Discord Nitro + 50 Drops

All official maps 

Sanctum by

Vintage by 

Maya by

Neon Sector by 

2. Objective Laser Tag (Laser Flag, Laser Ball) 14 July - 21 July 

All Official Maps

3. Big Head Snipers 21 July - 28 July


Karman Station

Metropolis by

Array by

Susurra by


4. Paintball NCTF 28 July - 4 August

PB_Arena01, PB_Arena02, PB_Castle, PB_Mansion, PB_Tower, PB_Passage, PB_Temple by 

1047’s Maps of the Month

1. Isolation by deiserolan

Download code: 0SJ-BCN-8A6

Go retro in the no portals, no rules map, Isolation. Explore, fight and rule the town.

2. Complex Delta by

Download code: TFC-5YJ-2EX

Strap in for an intense close-quarters firefight so tight only 2-4 players can fit.

Item Shop Preview

June 29 - July 6

Merica 1 Bundle

  • Merica Carbine
  • Merica Battle Rifle
  • Merica Sniper
  • Merica Pistol
  • Merica Assault Rifle

Merica 2 Bundle

  • Merica Plasma Rifle
  • Merica Railgun
  • Merica Rocket Launcher
  • Merica Shotgun
  • Merica SMG

Featured Items

  • Molten Assault Rifle
  • Molten Sniper
  • Molten SMG
  • Molten Battle Rifle

July 6 - 13

Molten 2 Bundle

  • Molten Pistol
  • Molten Carbine
  • Molten Rocket Launcher
  • Molten BFB

Featured Items

  • All Merica weapon skins

July 13 - 20

Firlock Bundle

  • Firlock Root
  • Firlock Blossom
  • Firlock Overgrowth

Featured Items

  • Molten Pistol
  • Molten Carbine
  • Molten Rocket Launcher
  • Molten BFB

July 20 - 27

Molten 3 Bundle

  • Molten Battle Rifle
  • Molten Railgun
  • Molten Shotgun

Featured Items

  • Firlock Root
  • Firlock Blossom
  • Firlock Overgrowth
  • Firlow XMAS

July 27 - Aug 3

Deadeye Bundle

  • Deadeye Strapper
  • Deadeye Chester
  • Strapper Jetpack
  • Chester Jetpack

Featured Items

  • Molten Battle Rifle
  • Molten Railgun
  • Molten Shotgun
  • Going down Emote

That wraps it up for July! We hope you’re staying cool this summer and enjoying the various holidays coming up.

But before we go, this month's #TMASQuestions topic strays away from the subject of portals for once. We ask you, would you rather have a Splitgate jetpack or a (non-lethal) BFB in real life? What would you do with it? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #TMASQuestions!

- Endo