Revealing the Splitgate Esports Future with the Splitgate Pro Series!


1047 Games is proud to announce our partnership with Logitech/Beyond to bring you the pinnacle of Splitgate esports! Visit to learn more and sign-up info!

After months of preparation, 1047 Games is very excited to finally bring our Splitgate esports vision to life. We have partnered with Logitech/Beyond and ASTRO Gaming to bring the greatest opportunity for competitors everywhere to prove their skills. The Splitgate Pro Series (SPS) is a multi-week tournament event league with a grand finals at the end. The prizing breaks down as follows:

- Open Qualifiers will be for $30,000 USD across several weeks, a $5,000 prize pool per event for the Top 4 teams.
- Grand Finals are $60,000 USD and the Top 8 teams get a payout.
- ASTRO is giving away Prizes to competitors AND spectators worth $10,000 in ASTRO gear and Stream Drops.

The SPS is open to ALL platforms including Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation! Players will form their own teams and compete week-to-week to stay on top and eventually qualify for the Grand Finals in December!

Event schedule:

October 17th @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET (Launch Week)
October 24th @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET
October 31st @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET
November 7th @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET
November 14th @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET
November 21st @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET
December 5th @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET (Last Chance Qualifier)
December 12th @ 12:00pm PT // 3:00pm ET (Grand Final)

How to Enter the SPS

All Launch Season tournaments are free to enter with open registration. Anyone in the Splitgate community can create new teams and sign up each week to compete for $5,000+ in cash and ASTRO Gaming prizes.

Top players on the SPS Leaderboard will receive priority access to tournament sign ups and top seeds in each qualifier bracket. After all open and last chance qualifiers are complete, eight qualified teams will face off in the $60,000 Season Finals. For more info, check out!

How to Qualify

To make it to the Grand Finals, you must be one top 8 seeded teams. Here's how that works!

The first six Open Qualifiers will reward seeding points to players based on their team’s placement in each event. All players on a team will earn points that can be tracked on the Leaderboard. At the end of the sixth qualifier, the top seven rosters with the highest point totals will become qualified for the Launch Season Finals.

Points earned in qualifiers are cumulative and will be used to determine seeding for each weekly event. Players are permitted to switch teams and register with new rosters each week, until Qualifier #6 when official rosters will qualify through the Leaderboard.

After the first six tournaments, one final “Last Chance Qualifier” event will be held with a winner-take-all chance to receive the 8th and final position in the Season Finals.

We wish all the competitors the best of luck. See you in the Arena!