Splitgate Update 7.0.2 Patch Notes



N00b here with some gratitude and some good news. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we work through the list of issues that have impacted some of your after Beta Season 2’s launch. We knew releasing a new backend would have some bumps. We were ready for what might come and we have worked quickly to resolve as many issues as possible, as quickly as possible. 

As gamers ourselves, we know that every day an issue persists can feel like a long time and that you might wonder, “are they even trying to fix these things?” We do hop onto these reported issues immediately. But it’s not always easy to find the problem. And most importantly, we need to rigorously test solutions to make sure the issue has indeed been solved and that we aren’t introducing a different issue (which is not uncommon in software development).

We are releasing this first hot fix as quickly as we felt comfortable doing so, and with most of the top priority issues fixed. Thanks again for sticking with us and we’re happy to hear how many are enjoying Beta Season 2. To implement the update, Splitgate will be offline from 11pm-Midnight PT June 8.

Now for the good news; we have a hotfix going live late tonight. It addresses many of the issues we saw at launch, though we continue to work on others.

Note for Xbox players: In order for you to see the full resolution of these fixes, after installing the update, you will need to launch the game, quit, and then relaunch it. 


  • Players can now disable crossplay.
  • Fixed issues causing crashes for some players.


  • Made an adjustment to prevent Xbox users from occasionally getting bot-only games (which was the opposite of our intention with Matchmaker 2.0).
  • Fixed issue where Xbox Achievements were not tracking. Yes, this will retroactively fill in your progress.
  • PlayStation players who purchased Splitcoin were not seeing it credited. This was fixed several days ago for non-EU players, but should now be resolved for all players when logging back in after the update.


  • Adjusted score limits for Hotzone, Lockdown, VIP, and Zombie VIP
  • Time to capture a Hotzone hill increased from 30s to 35s
  • Fixed Abyss audio issues
  • Added SFX to Lockdown scoring
  • Tightened ping and ELO rules for matchmaking


  • Fixed issue where friends could be added to your Splitgate Friends list without being accepted
  • Some players had their friend or referral code missing. They are back.


  • Fixed issue where some players were receiving empty drops
  • Prime Gaming Drop 5 and other DLC codes are now working. If you had a code that was giving you an error, try it again
  • Users who had items missing from their Locker had had them restored.


  • Badge progress will no longer require a restart to show an update.
  • Players at Pro 9 Level 100 (formerly at Level 1000 in Beta Season 1) had a visual bug that made it appear as if they were not gaining XP. They were and this is resolved for anyone affected.
  • Fixed issue with spectator mode on custom maps so that it functions as intended.
  • Fixed issue where part of the screen was cut off on some TVs on console.


We still have other items we are working on and we hope to have another update next week. These include:

  • Daily playstreak breaking incorrectly for some players
  • Notifications not showing when you earn/unlock items
  • Badge notifications not showing
  • Xbox virtual keyboard closing
  • Xbox buttons showing on PlayStation
  • For some players, Splitgate Friends are not showing up. Now they have all their friends.
  • Potential crashing for some players on Oasis (we are still investigating/validating this report)
  • Daily streak inconsistency (we are noting it breaking unexpectedly for some players)
  • Ranked reward not visible
  • Abyss replays show the old portal walls

Update 7.0.2 will be live late late tonight (early morning on Thursday, June 9 for many of you). Looking forward to seeing you all back out there.