Beta Season 2 First Look


What to expect and when to expect it. Board the hype train!

Splitgate Beta Season 2 releases June 2. That’s it. That’s the story.

Okay, fine fine, I’ll give you a bit more story. We have a plan to reveal all the details about Beta Season 2 over the next few weeks. In fact, you’ll find something new every day from now until June 2. Keep your eyeballs not only on our socials but on Twitch for reveals from our partnered streamers.

And when in doubt, you can head to our brand new Season page which will cover the latest reveals.

What’s in the Box?!

There’s a lot coming in Beta Season 2. We haven’t revealed it all yet, but here’s what I can tell you.

We spoke about the new matchmaking system a few weeks back. It is almost ready to roll out and change how you line up for battle. What’s the remastered map? What about these new game modes? What exactly is a “quality of life” improvement? We’ll get to all of that over the next couple of weeks, I promise.

Our Hill to Die On

Okay, here’s an example of one of two quality of life improvements. Some things you just don’t realize you need improved until, well, it gets improved and you wonder how you ever lived with such a cruddy capture zone for King of the Hill.

New hill animation (friendly captured)

Here’s another one. This is something we’ve had requested many times. Ever accidentally spend some Splitcoin? That’s because we don’t have a confirmation button in Splitgate. Starting with Beta Season 2, all purchases require that you hold the button for a second. Unless you fall asleep at the controller, you won’t experience accidental buys anymore.

What’s next?

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, because it’s a good one-stop social shop to avoid missing most things. But these reveals will happen in a variety of places. On social, but also on Reddit and Discord, and most importantly through some of our most loyal fans. 

Our partners will be first to play our remastered map , and later, our new game modes. We know that it’s the community that made Splitgate a hit and we know it’s the community that will continue to help us grow. Support these folks, because they’re going to be our co-pilots.


That’s all for now, but remember there will be new reveals daily through June 2.