7.1.0 Patch Notes


Hey there Splitgang! Endo here with news of Splitgate’s latest update, complete with much needed fixes and additions to the game. Since our Beta Season 2 launch, we’ve been prioritizing bug fixes and optimizations based on your feedback. It’s taken a minute for many of these improvements to arrive, so thank you for your patience. It’s been said before, but it was worth repeating because you’ve all been super awesome during this ordeal. <3

Let’s first address the elephant in the room: Console crashes. We’ve identified a major cause of console crashes and are happy to say this is now fixed on Xbox and PlayStation.

What took us so long to fix these crashes? Well, today’s 7.1.0 patch wasn’t the first crash fix. Not long after releasing the latest season in June, we got our first reports of frequent crashes and began working to fix it. Unfortunately, despite our initial efforts, it didn’t fully resolve the console crashes. While each update did help bit by bit, what we discovered was that this crash ogre had layers; each fix we peeled away revealed another crash cause.

So, this time, we feel confident that this crash bug can be a thing of the past, but given our recent track record, we’d understand if you kept an eye out for more crashes. As always, please let us know on Twitter or Discord if you run into any crashes or other bugs for that matter. We’re listening and responding more intently than before.

With the console crashes (hopefully) behind us, here’s everything else in the 7.1.0 update!


- Added 5 more Pro Tiers, levels 11-15

- 5 new badges for the new Pro Tiers

- Added numbers to the Pro Tier badges to better show off which level it represents

- Added 9 new badges to unlock!!


- Improved challenge progress screen

- Improved post-game screen

- Updated the Gold, Silver, and Bronze stat medals

- Fixed a bug that prevented the Xbox virtual keyboard from working properly


- Fixed several challenges that didn’t track progress correctly

- Renamed challenges that were labeled incorrectly


- Added ability to introduce community-made custom maps in Playlists

- Fixed bug that sometimes made players stuck in waiting lobbies

One Flag CTF

- The flag will instantly reset when touched by the enemy team

- Fixed HUD and flag spawning bugs relating to One Flag CTF


- Added 9 new sprays for MVPs, specifically TannerTrees, y0vrface, RenJ4y, Mutant, Kusch, Juicer (MoonJuice), Headjakk, BroKidSam, and Ban_Hammer (BigSmiggi)

Other Bugs

- Fixed additional causes of console crashes

- Xbox keyboard works properly again

- Fixed bug that prevented editing key binds during the voting screen

- Many other miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations

Account Linking

We’ve wanted to improve how we deliver rewards and how we connect players to Splitgate for a while now. Our first step in this process is with account linking. By going to accountlinking.splitgate.com, you can connect your Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account along with Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming.

Connecting to Twitch will enable you to claim Twitch Drops, which we will be rolling out in the near future. These drops will include exclusive and hard-to-find weapon skins by watching our Pro Series and MVP streamers.

We know many of you have enjoyed exclusive Prime Gaming drops. Previously, these drops required you to copy a code and paste into the game. With Prime Gaming account linking, claiming upcoming drops on the Prime Gaming site will automatically deliver these items to your Locker.

Additional value in linking to platform accounts are being considered. Note that you can only connect one gaming platform.

So that’ll wrap it up for this update’s patch notes! This is the part where I remind you to let us know of any other issues you encounter, but you guys have already been consistently helpful with your reports. Keep it up and we’ll see you in the arena!