7.0.4 Patch Notes


Splitgang! N00b here with some good news for those who have been experiencing some bad crashes across consoles. Our latest update should resolve the majority of these issues. We thank you again for your patience. The pains of switching to a new backend (which delivered a better Matchmaker) were real, but we hope to have far smoother sailing from this point on.

We know this has been challenging for a lot of players. Here’s a small token of our appreciation of your patience. This code can be redeemed three times per account by any Splitgate player for a total of nine drops:


As we ran into some issues with our drops, we wanted to provide an additional nine drops, which you can claim here (redeem the code three times:


Additionally, we will be crediting back Splitcoin to anyone who used it to repair their Daily Checkin or Daily Playstreak since the launch of Beta Season 2. You should receive a credit this week.

So let’s get to what this hot fix delivers for you.


  • Fixed various crashes on Xbox and PlayStation
  • Specifically fixed issue on Xbox causing crashes for some users when viewing friends list or adding Splitgate friends
  • Removed Beta Season 1 Battle Pass from PlayStation store. The process for refunding anyone who purchased this thinking they were buying Beta Season 2’s Battle Pass will start by July 6.


  • Fixed various crashes across all platforms
  • Changed Daily Check-in timing to users local time (was previously set to UTC)
  • Stopped Daily Check-in repair from showing even after some users had repaired their streak
  • Resolved issue where some Stage 2 seasonal challenges were not tracking
  • “Tactical” challenge names changed to remove confusion
  • Added ability to search by map in custom games
  • Users can now download featured custom map from the in-game news feed

As always, we’ll be monitoring the release and its impact on crashes. Let us know if you run into any issues. Now get out there and get to splitting some gates.