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$15,000 Splitgate Pro Showcase This Weekend

This Month at Splitgate - Feb 2023

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Duel With Devs Community Tournament

1047 Games Acquires Anti-Cheat Developer EQU8

8.0.1 Changelog

New Splitgate Wallpapers and Media Kit!

8.0.0 Release Patch Notes

The Infinite Battle Pass and Duplicate Drops

Important Announcement about Splitgate's Future

Earn Twitch Drops for Splitgate

Splitgate Pro Series Fall Season Reveal

7.1.1 Update Patch Notes

No Portals Mode Now Available

7.1.0 Update Patch Notes

How to Get Splitgate Prime Gaming Drops

The Real BFB Sweepstakes Rules

7.0.4 Patch Notes

Patch Notes 7.0.2

Splitgate Beta Season 2 Patch Notes

Three New Game Modes coming to Splitgate

Splitgate's All-New Leveling System

Unveiling the New Abyss: Splitgate’s Latest Remastered Map

Beta Season 2 First Look


Help Us Playtest, Get Rewarded

Beta Season 1 Battle Pass Ending Soon

Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me a Match

Splitgate 6.2.0 Patch Notes

Join the Splitgate Trickshot Challenge!

Dev Blog #8: Explaining the Playlist changes in Quick Play

Beta Season 1 Patch Notes | Jan. 2022

Happy Holidays from 1047 Games!

Splitmas 2021 Patch Notes

User Generated Content and Why It's Important for Splitgate

A Four-day Weekend of Events and Esports

Revealing the Splitgate Esports Future

September Update Patch Notes

How does Splitgate's Matchmaking Work?

Splitgate's Funding and the Game's Future

Splitgate and Community Suggestions

Celebrating Beta Season 0 and Launching the Blog!

Splitgate Beta Season 0 Launch

Splitgate's Future in Esports

Splitgate MVPs

The Splitty Awards Terms & Conditions