Season 3 of Splitgate has Arrived!

We are excited to announce the launch of Season 3 of Splitgate: Arena Warfare! Season 3 features a ton of new content, including 6 new maps, a new competitive gamemode, new social gamemodes, a new Arena Pass, and MUCH more!

New 4v4 Map - Lavawell

Lavawell is Splitgate's newest and boldest map yet! Players will fight alongside running lava to control power weapons, highground, and key portal walls in this volcano-inspired arena.

Watch the Lavawell Gameplay Reveal HERE.

New Competitive Gamemode - TAKEDOWN

Two teams of three face off in a best of 7 Series. A team's respawn timer increases by 4 seconds every time a player on that team dies. A team's respawn timer decreases by 2 seconds every time a player on that team gets a kill. For example, if your team's respawn timer is at 3 seconds, and a teammate dies, they will respawn in 7 seconds. If you or your team then get a kill, they will respawn in 5 seconds. If everyone on your team is dead and waiting to respawn at the same time, you lose the round.

Season 3 Arena Pass

Progress through 100 levels of the Season 3 Arena Pass to earn awesome cosmetics, including multiple new EXCLUSIVE weapon and armor sets, sprays, emotes, portal guns, jetpacks and more! Everyone can participate; however, players who purchase the Premium Arena Pass unlock more exclusive content. If you make it to level 100 of the Premium Arena Pass, you unlock the STEAMPUNK Shotgun. Good luck!

Additional Season 3 Updates

- 5 NEW Simulation maps for the new gamemode, TAKEDOWN!

- The release of the Splitgate Practice Range! Players can now test each weapon in the Splitgate Practice Range, as well as practice their portal placements and portal movements.

- Multiple new Rumble game modes, including One in the Chamber and Fiesta (starting loadouts are random)!

-Much, MUCH more!

Check out the #patch-notes section of our DISCORD to read more about the Season 3 update. See you in the arena!