This Month At Splitgate - March 2023


What’s good Splitgang!

We’re coming off a month of some pretty awesome events, like Hunt the Mods and last weekend’s Splitgate Pro Showcase. In case you missed the Showcase, eight teams containing some of the most talented Splitgate players competed for $15,000 this past Saturday and Sunday. Congrats to Team PapaAim for taking 1st place, and GGs to everyone who participated. As per usual with competitions at this level, there were unbelievable clips and epic comebacks, with this moment being my favorite! You can watch the Showcase’s full VODs on the Splitgate Twitch channel.

March might not have a Pro Showcase, but there’s plenty of stuff to look forward to this month! I highly recommend checking out our bi-weekly community Discord events where we frequently give out stuff like character skins and drops. If that’s not your speed, community events are another fun way to get your portal-action fix.

With that said, let’s see what’s happening this month at Splitgate!

Official and Community Events

March 4th - Saturday

“Split-Maze Event” - Community event by EnjoyTheSilence

March 10th - Friday

Bring Your Own Map community play-together - Official Discord Server

March 24th - Friday

Discord community event with Splitgate MVPs (TBD) - Official Discord Server

March 25th & 26th - Saturday & Sunday

Splitgate Community League Tournament - Community event by Ritz and Barbecue Samurai

Featured Playlists

Paintball 3 March - 10 March
PB_Arena01 by
PB_Arena02 by Swiiitan
PB_Mansion by Swiiitan
PB_Tower by Swiiitan
PB_Castle by Swiiitan
PB_Passage: Swiiitan
PB_Temple: Swiiitan

Survival Brawl 10 March - 17 March
SB_Atrium by Swiiitan
SB_Campus by Swiiitan
SB_Tower by Swiiitan
SB_Warehouse by Swiiitan
The Maze by

Big Head Snipers 17 March - 24 March
Orbital by
Vino by HunterKill321
Suburbia by Kyhawkthrasher
Karman Station
Foregone Destruction

VIP Takedown 24 March - 31 March
Simulation Foxtrot
Simulation Golf

Maps of the Month

Motherboard by Kyhawkthrasher

Download code: VZP-0UQ-ZW0

Medium sized map that supports TDM/TDM variant game modes

Plummet by

Download code:  IXN-B2W-0GM

Another medium sized map with a variety of portal options

Item Shop Bundles and Featured Items

Mar 2 - 9

Gore Raider 2 Bundle

  • Gore Raider Shotgun
  • Gore Raider Battle Rifle
  • Gore Raider Rocket Launcher
  • Gore Raider Railgun
  • Gore Raider Plasma Rifle

Featured Items

  • Racer Sniper
  • Racer Plasma Rifle
  • Racer Assault Rifle
  • Racer Shotgun

Mar 9 - 16

Racer 2 Bundle

  • Racer Carbine
  • Racer Railgun
  • Racer SMG
  • Racer Rocket Launcher

Featured Items

  • Items from the Gore Raider 2 Bundle

Mar 16 - 23

Lucky Bundle

  • Lucky Shawn
  • Silvertongue Gold
  • Warden Gold

Featured Items

  • Items from the Racer 2 Bundle

Mar 23 - 30

Music Head Bundle

  • Music Head Lep
  • Rhino Cloud Jetpack

Featured Items

  • Items from the Lucky Bundle
  • Gold Splitball

Mar 30 - Apr 6

Emote Bundles #1, #2, and #3

  • Levitate
  • Splitgate Shuffle
  • 360 Bull Rider
  • Macarena
  • Heart
  • Call Me

Featured Items

  • Noooo Emote
  • KaPOW Emote
  • Flexing Emote
  • Forward Lean Emote

May the month of March bring you luck, Daylight Savings not mess your sleep schedule, and Spring give you warmer weather (depending on where you're from, of course)! Fair warning, April Fools is less than a month away… who knows what we’ll do… 😉

‘Til next time!

- Endo