This Month at Splitgate - June 2023


This Month in Splitgate:

  • Twitch Drops Bounce Back
  • Surf’s Up and Hide & Seek community events
  • Casual FFA Tourney coming soon
  • Cardboard weapon bundle gets recycled

Hiya Splitgang! 👋

If you’re a fan of free stuff, June is going to be one of our best months of the year so far. We have exclusive Twitch Drops, unreleased character skins, item drops, Discord Nitro subscriptions, and more all up for grabs! Make sure you’re on the Splitgate Discord server to get reminded of future events and giveaways.

On to what’s in June!

Twitch Drops - Bounce Back

Twitch Drops have finally returned to Splitgate! Earn the exclusive Bounce Carbine, BFB, Railgun, and Alabastra skins by watching any Splitgate MVP stream the game on the listed dates. Check out the Twitch Drops blog for more information.

Bounce Carbine

June 9 - 14

Bounce BFB

June 16 - 21

Bounce Railgun

June 23 - 28

Bounce Alabastra

June 30 - July 5

Community Events

June 2 @ 4-6PM PT: Surf’s Up

Official Splitgate Discord Community Event

Play the community-created game mode: Surfing! Everyone who joins the event on Discord will receive the unreleased Kicker Guardian Skin!

June 16 @ 4-6PM PT: Hide & Seek

Official Splitgate Discord Community Event

Play various custom maps specifically made for playing Hide & Seek! Item giveaway TBD Rhino Lightning 2.0.

June 24, 25 - Splitgate Community League Matches

SCL Community Discord Server

Division A matches on the 24th, Division B on the 25th. Check the Splitgate Community League Discord server for sign-ups and event times.

Casual FFA Tournament

Announcing the July 1st Casual FFA Tournament! This event will take the place of the regular bi-weekly Discord event that weekend. More details will be released on the Splitgate Discord server, but here’s the basic info:

  • Game mode: Survival Brawl
  • 50 players total
  • Five rounds, Five lobbies, 10 players per lobby
  • Winners get tons of drops
  • Sign-ups open on Monday, June 5

Featured Playlists

  1. FFA Sniper Frenzy (Team Snipers, Team Shotty Snipers) 2 June - 9 June:
    Array by HunterKiller321
    Susurra by Nominoe5
    Karman Station
    Foregone Destruction

  2. SWAT (All variations) 9 June - 16 June:
    Tetractys by Nominoe5
    Tortuga by CodePhoenix KomaBlader bungieman28 End0fForever SpurleyTTV JachaNiggo CheesyChip321
    Metropolis by The_Hayes_YT

  3. Retro FFA (Retro FFA, Retro FFA Fiesta, Retro FFA Splitball) 16 June - 23 June:
    Absolute by Nominoe5
    Vino by HunterKiller321

  4. Survival Brawl 23 June - 30 June
    SB_Atrium, SB_Campus, SB_Tower, SB_Warehouse by Swiiitan
    The Maze by HunterKiller321

  5. SUPER (All variations) 30 June - 7 July
    All Official Maps

1047’s Maps of the Month

Susurra by Nominoe5 & HunterKiller321 

Download code: QX3-GE8-962

Description: “What whisper will be heard when the last of us sees the final ticking of the clock - a refusal to accept the unimaginable, the absolute terminus of the world? By whom will this susurration be heard?”

Complex Bravo by MoonJuiceTTV

Download code: CUU-LTL-G57

Description: A symmetrical, simulation-style 1v1 or 2v2 map, designed for chaotic and fast paced battles.

Item Shop Preview

June 1 - 8

Cardboard Bundle

  • Cardboard Plasma Rifle
  • Cardboard Battle Rifle
  • Cardboard Rocket Launcher

Featured Items

  • Aviator Rocket Launcher
  • Aviator SMG
  • Sable Howler
  • Sable Rumi

June 8 - 15

Rexy Bundle

  • Rexy Rex
  • Rexy Dug
  • Rexy MT

Featured Items

  • Cardboard Plasma Rifle
  • Cardboard Battle Rifle
  • Cardboard Rocket Launcher
  • Cardboard Bat

June 15 - 22

Hannya Bundle

  • Hannya Rain
  • Hannya Shotgun
  • Hannya Battle Rifle

Featured Items

  • Rexy Rex
  • Rexy Dug
  • Rexy MT
  • Chest Beat Emote

June 22 - 29

Molten 1 Bundle

  • Molten Assault Rifle
  • Molten Sniper
  • Molten SMG
  • Molten Battle Rifle

Featured Items

  • Hannya Rain
  • Hannya Shotgun
  • Hannya Battle Rifle
  • Stage Bow Emote

June 29 - July 6

Merica 1 Bundle

  • Merica Carbine
  • Merica Battle Rifle
  • Merica Sniper
  • Merica Pistol
  • Merica Assault Rifle

Merica 2 Bundle

  • Merica Plasma Rifle
  • Merica Railgun
  • Merica Rocket Launcher
  • Merica Shotgun
  • Merica SMG

Featured Items

  • Molten Assault Rifle
  • Molten Sniper
  • Molten SMG
  • Molten Battle Rifle

Don’t forget that I promised a giveaway! If you want to enter for a chance to win one month of Discord Nitro, head over to the Splitgate Discord server for more info. We won’t only be giving away Nitro, though. In the future, we’ll also give out in-game items and a few other surprises between giveaways.

Last month’s #TMASQuestions asked if only one “half” of a portal was still a portal at all. Your answers didn’t seem to have a consensus, but if you ask me, it’s merely half a portal.

For June we ask, if you had a portal gun in real life (and portals could be shot on any flat surface), what would you use it for? Use #TMASQuestions on Twitter to let us know. Until next time!

- Endo