This Month at Splitgate - February 2023


This Month in Splitgate we detail the exclusive Twitch Drop skins to fill your Locker, the Featured Playlists to dominate, and the Store items to help you look your best.

Ah February - the month of Aquarius and Pisces. Hopefully by now you’ve mastered the art of writing 2023 instead of 2022, but if not… you’ve got another 10 months to figure it out.

We recently held a little Splitgate play session on our Discord server with some of the developers at 1047 Games. We’d like to thank everyone who joined us and cordially invite you to future events! Be sure to join up and keep your eye on the Events channel to stay in the loop.

Let’s get to this month’s happenings in the world of Splitgate.

Twitch Drops

Watch any of the Splitgate MVPs stream Splitgate during the following dates to earn these drops! If you’re new to Splitgate Twitch Drops, check out the guide to learn how to link your account.

Pearl Pistol: 2/1 - 2/5
Pearl BR: 2/8 - 2/12
Pearl Shotgun: 2/15 - 2/19
Pearl Railgun: 2/22 - 2/26

Featured Playlists

3rd February - 10th February

Retro Team Snipers
Suburbia by Kyhawkthrasher
Industrial by Hayes

10th February - 17th February

Doubles (Team Deathmatch, King Of The HIll)
Charles by Swiiitan and Nominoe
Simulation Boston by Nominoe
Simulation Bravo
Simulation Delta
Simulation Charlie

17th February - 24th February

All Official Maps

24th February - 3rd March

FFA (FFA, Splitball, Fiesta)
Wetworks by Hayes
Master Cube by Code Phoenix and King of Juice
Club Silo

Maps of the Month 

This month you have the maps you might recognize. The first one is Helix 2.0 from CodePhoenix.

A remake of Splitgate's Helix but with some changes added. New portals, portal routes, and windows that didn't exist before!

Map Code: 1YQU-5NHB-L87S-7MCP

The second one is a Sanctum remake from Failproof, Nominoe, and HunterKiller, the winner of Nominoe’s map decoration competition.

The original map was featured in 2021 Blocktober event and brought back by the community through Map Creator!

Map Code: 8YQ-SR5-EY3

Item Shop

Feb 2 - 9

Watergun Bundle

  • Watergun Plasma Rifle
  • Watergun Battle Rifle

Watergun Bundle

Featured Items

  • Henrick Duke
  • Henrick King
  • Henrick Lancer
  • At Your Service Emote
At Your Service

Feb 9 - 16

Crystalized Bundle

  • Shogun Crystalized
  • Crystalized Assault Rifle
  • Crystalized Carbine
  • Crystalized Sniper
  • Crystalized SMG
  • Crystalized BFB

Crystalized Bundle 1

Featured Items

  • Items from the Watergun Bundle
  • Beachball Splitball
  • Aqua Queen

Feb 16 - 23

Gore Raider Bundle

  • Gore Raider Pistol
  • Gore Raider Assault Rifle
  • Gore Raider SMG
  • Gore Raider Sniper

Gore Raider Bundle 1

Featured Items

  • Items from the Crystalized Bundle

Feb 23 - Mar 3

Racer Bundle

  • Racer Sniper
  • Racer Plasma Rifle
  • Racer Assault Rifle
  • Racer Shotgun

Racer Bundle 1

Featured Items

  • Items from the Gore Raider Bundle

Official and Community Events 

Feb 7th and 8th - Tuesday & Wednesday

 “One Punch Man Tournament 3.0” - Community event by SpliceX

Feb 11th - Sunday

Hunt the Mods community event - Official Discord Server

Feb 18th - Saturday

Splitgate Community League - Division 1 Matches by Barbeque Samurai

Feb 19th - Sunday

Splitgate Community League - Division 2 Matches by Barbeque Samurai

Feb 24th - Saturday

Drop Party community event - Official Discord Server

Late February

Official Event TBA

There you have it! Fun playlists to hop into, great maps to try out, and ways to dress up nice. Don’t forget to close your portals behind you! We’ll see you next month for another update!

- Greenskull