The Infinite Battle Pass and Duplicate Drops


Hey Splitfam! This Thursday is our season update, and with it comes some important additions we want to tell you about ahead of time. As mentioned in our letter to Splitgate fans, the Sept. 15 update includes something called the Infinite Battle Pass. I’m also talking about a new system being added to item drops and how that factors into the Infinite BP. Here we go!

The Infinite Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass has everything you’ve come to expect from previous passes: it has 100+ items containing exclusive weapon and character skins, name tags, sprays, banners, drops, and Splitcoin. However, there’s two very important differences: every tier is free and it never ends. After earning the standard 100 tiers, you’ll receive an item drop for every 5 BP tiers you complete after that. As a thank you to all our players for supporting us, everyone gets the entire Infinite BP for free in addition to free access to the premium season challenges. 

Even though the BP is free, we did not skimp the quality of the items. There are three new characters, named Brawn, BOBBiE (pictured in the Thumbnail), and Rumi, and they’re without a doubt the best character models we’ve made. Rumi can be seen as the center character of our new art for this release below.

Duplicate Drops

The keen eyed among you probably know that the item pool for drops is finite with a handful of dedicated players having already unlocked them all, so we’re doing two things to make sure the Battle Pass feels infinite. First, the Sept. 15 update adds many new awesome items to the drop pool. More importantly, we’re introducing a new system called Duplicate Drops.

In the old system, a drop would randomly select an item that you haven't unlocked yet. In the new system, you have a chance to receive a “duplicate” item. If a duplicate is given, you’ll be rewarded with XP and, depending on the rarity, Splitcoin. Here’s a breakdown of what that looks like:

  • Common duplicate: 1000 XP
  • Rare duplicate: 2000 XP
  • Epic duplicate: 5000 XP + 50 Splitcoin
  • Legendary duplicate: 10000 XP + 100 Splitcoin

To make sure duplicate items are balanced with getting actual items, we tied the % chance of finding a new item to what % of items you have left to unlock:

  • 100% item drop pool remaining = 100% chance to get a new item
  • 90% items remaining = 90% new item chance
  • 80% items remaining = 80% new item chance
  • 70% items remaining = 70% new item chance
  • 60% items remaining = 60% new item chance
  • 50% items remaining = 50% new item chance
  • 40% items remaining = 50% new item chance
  • 30% items remaining = 50% new item chance
  • 20% items remaining = 50% new item chance
  • 10% items remaining = 50% new item chance
  • 5% items remaining = 50% new item chance
  • 4% items remaining = 40% new item chance
  • 3% items remaining = 30% new item chance
  • 2% items remaining = 20% new item chance
  • 1% items remaining = 10% new item chance

Notice that only when reaching 4% or less that the chance of getting a new item falls below a 50/50 coin flip, so you should be getting a healthy mix of both duplicates and new items until the very end.

It’s also worth mentioning that the max Pro Tier is being raised from 15 to 25, so those of you who already hit the XP limit will have plenty of room for progression!

That’ll be it until our patch notes blog coming this Thursday. If you have any questions about the Infinite Battle Pass or the duplicate drops system, let us know on Twitter and we’ll do our best to answer!

- Endo