Splitgate Season 0: September Update


Many have patiently waited for our newest update, so we're proud to finally announce our newest update to Season 0! This time we've focused primarily on quality-of-life features and changes that were highly requested from the community. Without further ado, here are the Patch Notes:


- Karman Station Optimizations - Performance Improvements + Crash Fixes

- Karman Station returns to normal map rotation

Karman Station


- Added ability to queue multiple ranked playlists

- Combining rumble modes and casual modes into a “Quick Play” playlist

- Adding limited time featured playlists that are available on the weekends (includes rumble modes + new mode variants)

- Lower chance of running into bots queuing Quick Play

Real-time footage of a Human replacing a Bot

Game Modes

- Contamination Improvements

- Scoring Tweaks - Zombies get 2 points per kill

- Last Man Standing Indicator

- Players can no longer start as zombies in consecutive rounds

- Zombie Indicator Improvements

- New Zombie Notification

- Adding New Announcement Voice Lines


- Mantling - Adding support for mantling (ledge grabbing). Designed as jetpack boost so that there is not first person animation that interferes with aim/gunplay. Option to turn off in Settings > Gameplay

Mantle Off VS Mantle On

UI / Quality of Life

- Voice Chat Stability Improvements

- Console users can now redeem DLC codes

- KOTH/DOM Hill Visibility improvements

- Adding ability to customize enemy armor color, enemy outline color, friendly outline color and friendly color through walls

- Projectile hit detection improvements through portals

Hill Boundary animation has been lowered for better visibility


- NVIDIA Reflex

- Various Crash Fixes

- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

- Added Inflated Alabastra big head... Whoops! 🤦