How to Get Splitgate Prime Gaming Drops


Our new Prime Gaming Drop that just went live is pretty amazing. Just peep the video below and I think you’ll agree. But with a new season of drops comes a new way to claim them. It requires you to create a 1047 Games account, link it to your Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account, and then connect that to Amazon Prime. Phew, I’m tired just writing that sentence.

So how do you do it?

Here’s a walkthrough to help you out:

1. Visit
2. Choose your main platform for Splitgate. Note that at this time you can only connect one game account to a new 1047 Games account.
3. Sign into that platform via the prompt (if necessary)
4. Enter an email to associate with your 1047 Games account
5. Finish your 1047 Games account set-up by following the prompts on screen
6. Now you’ll see a screen similar to this one:

7. Click the “Link an Amazon Account” button to connect to your Amazon account
8. Claim your drop at
9. You must click the “Claim” button and you will see a pop-up that says you have successful claimed the item
10. Your items will be automatically made available in your Locker in Splitgate. If you have the game open, you may need to quit and log back in to see your items


- If you start this journey on the Prime Gaming page, please note that after creating a 1047 account you may need to go back to Prime Gaming to finalize connecting the two accounts

- If you want to connect your Twitch account press the “Link an Account” button on our 1047 account page and choose “Twitch” from the menu.

- Ever need to access your account and can’t recall the website? Head to and click the user icon in the top right corner for easy access.

We know it’s a lot. Fortunately, it’s only necessary for this first time. Once you have a 1047 Games account and you’re linked it with your Amazon Prime account, you can skip all these steps next time. Just hop over to and claim the latest drop.