We Need Your Help Playtesting Our New Matchmaker and Backend!



It's me, Endo, and I need your help. All of 1047 Games needs your help. I'll cut right to the chase, we need a small army of volunteers to assist us in testing Splitgate's latest and greatest backend framework, which completely replaces our current matchmaking system. We'll even reward you with exclusive items and double XP for your trouble.

Matchmaker 2.0 is becoming a reality, and you can directly contribute to Splitgate's future success by signing up as a Steam Playtester for it. If getting a sneak peak at the new Matchmaker and being rewarded with exclusive items and XP interests you, read on!

Before I go any further, this is a good time to mention that these backend playtests will only be for Steam users. For all our console fans, don't fret, you aren't missing out on any future content like what's coming in Beta Season 2. Remember that this is exclusively a backend playtest, meaning there won't be anything on the frontend (AKA visibly noticeable) side of Splitgate to test. Think servers, matchmaking requests, and queue times when we say, "Backend." Other than the console restriction, anyone, and I mean anyone, can become a Playtester. Yes, even your mom.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is simple, head over to the official Splitgate Discord server and find the text channel, "#become-a-tester." In that channel you'll see a simple message with a button at the bottom. When you click that button, you get enrolled as a Playtester and can see all the other playtest channels. Look for the  "#how-to-test" channel to find instructions about when and where we’ll need you to test!

Click on this in our Discord Server

What to Expect

Starting May 7th, there will be three playtests a week, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We hope to conclude testing on May 23 and be ready to launch our new Matchmaker to everyone. 

The live, public build of Splitgate will not be used for this playtest. You'll need to download the special playtest version of Splitgate by going to the Splitgate Steam store page and scrolling down until you see the button that says, “Request Access.” Clicking on it will download a separate instance of Splitgate in your Steam library. At time of posting this blog, the Request Access button isn't on our Steam page yet, but it will be there before the first testing session.

Look for this on the Steam Page

Playtests will occur at specific times, as posted in the Discord, so be mindful of this when trying to log in. We’ll remind all Playtesters of a playtest about an hour beforehand so you have time to download or update the playtest build. Once the playtest session has commenced, you'll be able to log into the game and begin testing. BeefNoodles (our Head of Backend Engineering) will direct you on what you need to do; for example, he might say, "Go queue Team Deathmatch on Quick Play!" or, "Queue up on Ranked 4v4s!" Simply follow his instructions and play the game like you normally would. Pretty easy if you ask me!

What About the Rewards?

Of course, we wouldn't expect you to help us if we didn't have something to give back! If you participate in enough playtest games, you'll receive the following rewards:

  • Double XP for all XP gained, transferred later to your main account
25 Games completed on the Playtest Build:
  • Starlight AR
  • Starlight BR
  • Starlight Railgun
50 Games completed on the Playtest Build:
  • Ironside Adam Character
  • Ironside Adam Jetpack
Rewards for completing up to 50 games during the Playtest

All five of these items are exclusive to Playtesters who complete enough games, meaning they’ll never be obtainable in a Battle Pass, the item shop, or a drop.

Completing the 25/50 games isn't meant to be accomplished in one single playtest session, although you can certainly try. However, games will only have a 4 minute timer, so completing matches will be twice as fast as typical matches!

Please note that a "completed game" is any game you find through Quick Play or Ranked and see through to the end. Quitting or exiting the match for any reason won't count towards your completed game total. Custom Games also won't count because we are mostly testing the new matchmaking system.

We encourage you to spread out your playtest time to multiple sessions if possible, but any time you can contribute to testing is greatly appreciated.

Sign Up Now!

Go to the Splitgate Discord -> opt-in as a Playtester -> Participate in three playtests for one hour each -> get exclusive items and a ton of XP -> help Splitgate tremendously in the process. It's that simple. I hope to see you this Saturday!

-Endo <3