Duel With Devs Community Tournament


Put on a cozy sweater, grab some roasted chestnuts, and join us for an afternoon of light-hearted competition!

On Sunday, December 18th from 11am - 3pm Pacific Time (find out when that is in your time zone) we are hosting a community tournament we've dubbed Duel With Devs. Thanks to many great registrations, we were able to randomly select 24 players who will be fighting alongside 8 team captains from 1047 Games.

This will be a Best of 3, Double Elimination, 8 Team tournament. Teams will have to win two games in a match to advance. If they lose two games they will get sent down to the lower bracket. If they lose in the lower bracket, they are eliminated.


When developing this tournament, we wanted the emphasis to be on how appreciative the team is for everything the community has done over the years. Pairing up players with developers was a perfect opportunity to create some harmony and showcase how important every player is to the game.

As this will be our last stream of the year, we've prepared some gifts to warm your spirits.

These vibrant unlocks will be Twitch Drop-ping down your chimney if you watch 1 hour of Duel With Devs.

Unlock these with Twitch Drops.

There's no greater joy than the joy of giving - so we will also be sharing a code in chat for this festive banner!

Keep your eyes on chat for the Splitmas Gift Banner!

During the live stream, we will be premiering some wonderful videos that we've assembled with the help of community members and developers. We're hoping they'll bring a smile (and maybe a tear) to your face.

Make sure you're following us on Twitch ahead of time so you don't miss it!


If the main stream is too festively jovial for you and you'd like another perspective, our Splitgate MVPs are hosting watch parties! Plus, they'll be offering another set of holiday drops...

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Splitmas

The 12 Days of Splitmas have begun! Splitgate MVPs have been playing Santa and providing Twitch Drops to viewers from the 14th through the 26th, so be sure to show your support and earn some loot while you're at it! You can learn more about Splitgate Twitch Drops here.

Unwrap these presents every 30 minutes of watch time.

My advice? Introduce yourself in chat! Tell them you appreciate them! Make some friends! It's that time of year, after all!

We can't wait to add to your holiday cheer this Sunday! Stay warm out there!

- Greenskull