Dev Blog #1: Celebrating Beta Season 0... and You!


Hey Splitgang! It’s Endo!

With Season 0 well underway, it seems it’s finally time for us to also launch the Official Splitgate Blog! Despite 1047 Games having a reputation of being open and transparent with our community, we’ve been limited to tweeting or livestreaming as a way to communicate with you all. With this blog, now we can keep you in-the-loop even more by being as long or detailed as we want!

What Season 0 means to us

As the Social Media Coordinator, you might not think I interact with the Devs that do the actual coding and development work. This couldn’t be more wrong. I’ll get more into this later, but it’s the Devs like Olly, Ethan, and Nick (to name a few) that tell me what they’re working on everyday so I can relay that to you on Twitter, or in this case, a blog!

That said, I can tell you that Season 0 is an enormous deal to all the men and women working at 1047 Games. Everything from the tiny bugfixes you’ll never hear about to the art/level design on Karman Station represents a labor of love that, for some of us, extends back years. We get to work on a video game, but not just any video game; it’s one we genuinely like to play. The rarity of this opportunity is not lost on us, and we intend to not let it go to waste.

We learned A LOT from the Beta

If you own this shirt, you might be owning a collectors item.

This is the design for a shirt that we actually sold on Meta Threads for a few days back in July. This should give you an idea of what we originally planned for the Beta, a plan that went wrong in the best way possible. As many of you know, Splitgate had some *ahem* “unexpected growth” during our Beta. The full story of what went on at 1047 Games during this period is perhaps a blog for another time, but I can tell you that it was hard for some of us to mentally process the monumental growth.

In a matter of weeks, the Dev team had a game with 400 or so concurrent players, to around 20,000 concurrent when we first started having issues, and then over 165,000 concurrent. Not only is this impressive from a player-growth standpoint (Big-Head Mode: ON), but also a technical miracle for our back-end to have been upgraded like that. Shoutouts go to Olly and Nick for being the miracle workers that they are.

It wasn’t only the server stuff that we learned from, however. The vast majority of our player base were new to the game, and with them came a fresh perspective on Splitgate. Many of you tweeted, commented, and DM’d us making several suggestions that, honestly, we hadn’t thought of before. Granted, not all suggestions are created equal (“please remove portals”), but you guys helped us shape Season 0 into what it is now. If you want to learn about all the changes we made with Season 0, go check out our Patch Notes!

There’s too many of you to thank

Don’t worry, we aren’t resting on our laurels yet, as there’s still a long way to go. But getting to this point wouldn’t have been possible without our community. We love everyone in our community, but we have to give a special shoutout to all of you who stuck by us during those early days when the game was known as “Splitgate: Arena Warfare.” You've probably heard some of these players: Tanner J Fox, Mikaveli, KJewls, Chasen, Akuvo (who became our Community Manager at 1047 Games), Mattie, and DeJay99. There’s more: dabeefcake, Tovarisawesome, TummyGaming, 4K, SephySlays, Harold, Toby Repellent, Aster, rline, CrnBrd, Swiitan, Cyde, ZachsMaxed, Spurley, Stack, Ticktok, Silbyrn, MEGAB7TE, Anoetic, Jibbin, Jernik, Brewski… and many, many, MANY more. I feel bad for not being able to mention everyone, but if we did, this would look like the end credits to a blockbuster movie instead of a blog. Tweet at us using #SplitgateOG with a picture of your Legacy tag if we missed you!

As for everyone else who has joined our community since the Pre-Beta Demo or Open Beta days, we’re just as excited to have EVERYONE and hope to get to know as many of you as possible!

A Small Gift

Using this link, you will find two .zip files. This is our Content Creator Pack. One of them is lightweight and contains smaller files such as images and sound effects. The other is the full-sized Creator Pack which includes everything from the light version plus videos and larger files. You’ll also notice that the pack is called CC0.1. This is merely the first version of the pack as we intend to add more assets in the future. Check back every so often for updates.

Why did we make this? Well, we know a lot of you creators and hobbyists out there are wanting to make videos about Splitgate or get your start with streaming. If you are any of those things, definitely download and take a look! You should find a lot of these files to be useful in creating videos or setting up your stream. We honestly don’t know what you will use these assets for specifically, but you are a creative bunch and it’s a safe bet that you’ll put them to good use.

Until next time!

-Endo, 1047 Games