Beta Season 1 Patch Notes | January 27th, 2022


Beta Season 1 has been a long time coming, for both us at 1047 Games and for the Splitgate community! 5 months ago in August, we released Beta Season 0 with Karman Station, its Battle Pass, and a few other additions like the Contamination game mode. Since then we've released multiple mid-season updates, but nothing quite like today. First, watch the BS1 Official Trailer if you haven't seen it yet, and then we'll jump right into the patch notes!


- Map Creator V1 (Beta)

  • Map Creator mode enables players to make their own custom maps in a new blank-slate level called, "Flat Earth"
  • Place a wide variety of map geometry such as ramps, walls, floors, blocks, props, and more
  • Place a variety of portal surfaces such as cubes, walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Place weapon pads
  • Move objective spawners for objective-based game modes like CTF, Oddball, Domination, and King of the Hill
  • Save, rename, and play your maps in Custom Games

- New Modes: One flag CTF, Evolution

  • One Flag: Teams take turns defending and attacking the flag every other round
  • Evolution: Variation of Showdown. Round based with a set weapon loadout, first to 6 points wins. Loadout improves the next round if that team loses.

- Added Easy and Medium difficulty Races in Race Mode, totaling 20 new races

Map Creator (Beta)


- Reimagined Foregone Destruction with new art and design

  • Complete visual overhaul of Foregone Destruction
  • Adjusted the level layout
  • Added weapons, a jetpack, and portal gun named "Estranged" to compliment Foregone

- New Simulation map - Hotel

  • New Sim map with an emphasis on verticality
Reimagined Foregone Destruction


- Beta Season 1 Battle Pass

  • 100 levels with free and premium tiers
  • New characters, jetpacks, skins, wraps, and items

- New Beta Season 1 referral rewards

- Added new challenges

- Distributed ranked player rewards from Beta Season 0

Beta Season 1 Battle Pass


- Reorganized the Quick Play playlists to support more game modes

- Changed the main menu and pre/post game lobbies to display Foregone Destruction

- Removed the player's character and lever from the drop room


- Gameplay tweaks to most maps

- Updated all portal walls to a new texture/effect


- Splitgate has partnered with Prime Gaming to provide players with exclusive weapon skins, portal skins, armors and more.

- Audio performance improvements

- Various bug fixes

New Portal Wall

That's all for now. Happy map making, and we'll be seeing you in the arena, or perhaps, YOUR arena!

-1047 Games <3