Beta Season 1 Battle Pass Ending Soon


There are only 30 days left to complete your Splitgate Battle Pass. Plus, matchmaking update and more!

Hey Splitgang!

It’s your old pal N00b here. I’ve got a few juicy tidbits for you around the immediate future of Splitgate. No need to buckle up. Let’s live dangerously together, just this one.

Buh-Bye Beta Season 1 Battle Pass

We made a commitment to you to provide at least 30 days notice before the end of a Battle Pass. Well, that time has come. We expect to close the Beta Season 1 Battle Pass in 30 days. This pretty graphic below confirms it! 👇

What does this mean? Well, you have 30 days to finish your Battle Pass. If you’ve just started or are only partway through, don’t fret. We’ll have some announcements throughout the month that will help you complete the Battle Pass before it comes to a close. Stay tuned for those!

Matchmaking Update

A few weeks ago our Head of Backend Engineering, BeefNoodles, told you about the poor state of our current matchmaker and how we’re preparing to release a brand new matchmaking system for Splitgate.

Untangling all the spaghetti wiring of code from the past half-decade and replacing it with a whole new backend isn’t easy. That’s why most games would never do it. For us, it’s critical to our success to provide a matchmaking system that can scale. However, it’s taken more effort to get this done than expected. We’ll launch it soon, but not quite yet.

What’s this mean for Beta Season 2’s launch? Well, for certain, we will launch with the new matchmaking system first. It might be a rough week or two following its release, so we want to be in good shape before launching Beta Season 2. We do have a date in mind for the new season, and I’d say it’s 95% locked in, but until the new backend is released, nothing can be 100% certain.

Thanks for your patience as you wait. We’re so excited to have a dramatic improvement in our matchmaking system. And we can’t wait to tell you more about what’s in store for Beta Season 2.

Speaking of talking to you more…

Community Roadmap

Last week we released our Community Roadmap. Look, our goal at 1047 Games is to be the most community first developer in the world. We’re not there yet. This roadmap is part of how we get there.

The tl;dr of the roadmap is that you’ll be seeing and interacting with members of the 1047 crew across all of our various channels (Reddit, Discord, and Twitch will be the most common spots to catch us). And the community will be more involved in revealing what’s happening in Beta Season 2. More on that in a few weeks.

We’re Partners in This

Last bit of note here is that we’re relaunching our Partners Program with a more inclusive one that considers not only streamers, but also artists, podcasters, moderators, and more. If you’re dedicated to the Splitgate community, there’s going to be an opportunity to be part of a special experience.

We’ll be revealing this ahead of Beta Season 2. For now, know that this will include Creator Codes, Twitch Drops, exclusive access to content early, and even swag.

Alright, that’s it for now. Look for a notice about the upcoming backend migration (to our new matchmaking system!) in the very near future. It will mean a bit of server downtime, but we’ll try and provide you 48 hours advance notice. And then it’s on the Beta Season 2!