Splitgate's All-New Leveling System


Hi all! My name is Ben, Product Manager at 1047, and I’m here to talk about updates to our progression systems releasing with Beta Season 2.

We had a few key points in mind when designing this system:

  • Reward players for their commitment to the game
  • Provide new skill- and time-based challenges to players
  • Let players showcase their achievements

We believe the new system addresses all three, and we’ll be here to keep a close eye on your feedback regarding these changes (and make adjustments when necessary).

Now, setting up a new system means some familiar things have to change. When you first log in to Beta Season 2, your level will be different, because the system is different. More on what that means in a moment.

Some of you may have already seen the new Pro badges being teased on our socials and are wondering what Pro is? Or what’s a badge? I’m here to fill in the blanks!

Pro Tiers

In Beta Season 2 we made adjustments to how fast players level (spoiler: it’s faster) and we’ve added Pro levels.

  • After the first 100 levels players earn their first Pro tier
  • There’s a total of 10 Pro tiers
  • Each Pro tier has 100 levels
  • Each Pro tier grants a permanent 1% XP boost (with a cap of 10%)
  • For example a player at Pro 5 has a 5% permanent increase to their XP gains
  • Each Pro tier has a new badge to showcase your achievement (more on badges in a bit)

What happens to your XP?

Nothing! It will be the same as it was when Beta Season 1 ends.

What happens to your current level?

On your first login after Beta Season 2 launches, your level will be adjusted to the new Pro system

  • For example, a player at level 254 has a total of 5,972,100 XP
  • That XP puts their new level at Pro 2 Level 61
  • The same player can continue to level up right where they left off and it will be easier since now they have a 4% boost to their XP
  • This also means the handful of players who reached Level 1000 in Beta Season 1 will start at Pro 9 Level 93, meaning they now have the ability to keep earning and progressing in Beta Season 2

Badges? We DO need stinkin’ badges!

Ok with me so far? In Beta Season 2 we’re adding a new type of item called badges!

Badges are unlockable items players can earn by completing certain challenges, like winning a certain number of matches or getting a lot of headshots.

  • Once unlocked, players can show these badges on their player cards!
  • Right now each player card shows that player’s level and play streak. In Beta Season 2 you’ll be able to decide which badges you want to showcase.
  • Level and play streak will now be badges so you can decide to keep showcasing them or off a different achievement

These are the badges releasing with the new season:

  • Get kills
  • Get ranked kills
  • Get headshots
  • Win matches
  • Win ranked matches
  • Score highest on your team
  • Shut down enemy portals
  • Get kills through portals
  • Win takedown matches without losing a round

Each of these badges has three tiers that change the look of the badge and we’ll be adding more badges in future updates for all sorts of challenges.

We hope you’ll like these changes and new additions to Splitgate!