What's Happening this Weekend, Splitgate?


It's the weekend before Halloween and we have a bunch of streaming events going on over the next 4 days! Most of these will be taking place on the official Splitgate Twitch channel, so make sure you're followed if you aren't already.

First off, let's announce the winning suggestions, as selected by the community, for this weekend's 24/7 Spooky Stadium playlist! We couldn't accept suggestions like Prop Hunt or Haunted House because they aren't in the game (yet...), but other than those, by far you guys wanted to play team based modes.

Starting later tonight, Spooky Stadium will play:

- Team Oddball (show off your Jack-o-Lantern oddball skin!)
- Super King of the Hill
- and Team SWAT!

Now on to the streaming events...

Friday (today) 3pm Pacific - Crazy Customs with Partners

At 3PM Pacific Time, a handful of Splitgate partners will be showcasing a variety of wacky game modes that can only be done inside a customs lobby. We want to really show off how ridiculously fun customs can be if you let your imagination run wild! It's going to be short and sweet, only 1-2 hours long at most. Come watch, stay for some laughs, and steal our ideas for the next time you're in a customs lobby. Watch on the Splitgate Twitch channel!

4 Pumpkin Heads doing what Pumpkin Heads do

Saturday 1PM Pacific - US Military Branch Battle

This weekend is jam packed with Splitgate esport events, but maybe you want to see a more straightforward tourney with just a handful of teams you can easily follow. The Branch Battle will feature 6 esports teams representing the various branches of the US Military to see who comes up on top! This tournament will be, max, 3 hours long and a great way to introduce yourself to Splitgate esports. This will also be on the Splitgate Twitch channel.

Sunday 4PM Pacific - Splitgate Pro Series Qualifier 2

Did you know we have a weekly tournament on Sundays that anyone can join? Qualifier 2 is pretty much locked up if you don't have a team, but definitely look out for Q3 next week if you're interested! For the rest of you, you'll definitively want to drop in at least once on Sunday. If not for the crazy, high-flying portal action, you will at least want to be there for the weekly giveaway that ASTRO gaming hosts. And you guessed it, this will be streamed on the Splitgate Twitch channel.

Every week Splitgate and ASTRO gaming has a $5,000 prize pool for the Qualifier tourneys

Monday 1pm Pacific - CodeRed Splitgate Invitational

You thought we were done? Nope! This weekend of Splitgate esports doesn't end until Monday when BoomTV will be hosting an invitational tournament for various players and creators. As I write this, BoomTV is already finalizing the rosters for this event, and I can tell you it's going to be a can't-miss tournament. This one is going to be on the BoomTV Twitch channel.

We'll see you this weekend for some awesome Splitgate content!


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