8.0.1 Changelog


The 8.0.1 hotfix is here! As mentioned in the 8.0.0 Patch Notes blog, we planned for one more bug-fix-focused hotfix after the September 15th update. Make sure to give it a read to learn why Splitgate is no longer receiving updates after today. The TL;DR: we’re fully focused on our next game, but servers are staying online indefinitely and we’ll fix major game-breaking issues if they come up.

Anyways, onto the changelog!


  • Updated the Quickplay playlists with the following changes:
  • Re-added the Team Fiesta playlist, which includes Fiesta Team Deathmatch, Fiesta King of the Hill, and Fiesta Domination
  • Added Takedown to the Search and Survive playlist
  • Removed the Takedown Playlist


  • Fixed collision exploits on Foregone, Abyss, and Simulation India
  • Fixed backwards scoreboards on Simulation India


  • Added more MVP Sprays
  • Added new player card banners
  • Fixed visual bugs on various weapon and character skins
  • Fixed issue with Pro Tier badges appearing pink


  • Properly randomized item drop duplicates so repeat items don’t reoccur as often
  • Fixed issue that prevented custom maps from playing contamination
  • Fixed issue in spectator mode that prevented the stats overlay from opening normally
  • Fixed issue that required a game restart to equip level 1 Battle Pass rewards
  • Fixed issue with Twitch Drops that prevented rewards from being redeemed