Announcing 1047 Games Acquiring Anti-Cheat Developer EQU8


It’s surprise announcement time! Today, we acquired anti-cheat software developer EQU8 with the plan to utilize it for our next game. We’ve been using EQU8’s anti-cheat since August 2020. So why buy the service for ourselves? I’m glad you asked.

Aug. 2020 - Announcement photo of Splitgate: Arena Warfare transferring to EQU8 anti-cheat

1047 Games is focused on the next Splitgate game. We’re thinking ahead at how to make the best possible experience for our players, which includes our anti-cheat strategy. The key factor is EQU8’s talented engineers, Andreas Hansson and Pierre Lindblad–who we hired along with the acquisition–focusing on building the anti-cheat platform specifically for our next game. It’s like the difference between a pair of one-size-fits-all sweatpants and carefully tailored dress pants that fit you precisely. Instead of spending effort on making EQU8 Anti-Cheat work for any potential game, those resources go into fitting it perfectly for one game. This makes the challenge of detecting hacks and cheats much more straightforward.

This new in-house solution means we get to take full control over a proven anti-cheat we’ve seen success with in Splitgate. When our next game comes out, we’ll be able to make real-time tweaks to whatever cheats find their way in game. Less cheaters = less ruined matches = more happy players!

We’ve always taken anti-cheat seriously and know it’s a concern for players. We’ll worry about the cheaters so you can focus on sharpening your skills in our games.

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- Endo